Originally, Putnam County had a group called the Putnam County Drug Free Schools and Community  Advisory Board. This Board was sponsored by the Putnam County Educational Service Center. The
 main purpose of this group was to advise the Substance Abuse Coordinator in program planning and  prevention efforts. Through the efforts of that Board they saw a need for a coalition to coordinate
 Safe and Drug Free activities and programs in the schools and community.

 The Advisory Board worked hard to develop a coalition which was called the Putnam County Task
 Force for Youth. The first official meeting of the Putnam County Task Force for Youth was held on
 Feb 1995 and the group remains active as of this date.

 The Putnam County Task Force for Youth was a group that sought out ways to bridge the gaps  between vision and existing conditions in the area of drug prevention. In developing the coalition,
 the Advisory Board looked at Putnam County and attempted to recruit team players from the county  who could provide valuable input in planning and providing safe and drug free activities and programs  in the county. The belief of the group is that alcohol, other drugs, and high risk behaviors are  community problems and need solutions!

 The Task Force activities provide multi-strategies for children, families and the communities, Activities  sponsored by the Task Force include Teacher Trainings, Parent Trainings, Community Trainings,  Server’s Training, Prevention Education to School Children, “Parents Who Host Lose the Most”  Activities, and Red Ribbon Activities, both in the schools and communities. The Putnam County Task  Force has received several State awards for their work in the area of prevention: Red Ribbon Award  and Communities of Hope Award.

 The goals of the Task Force are to reduce student drug use in Putnam County and to build stronger  community involvement by recruiting members to the Task Force for Youth. Their Mission Statement
 is: The Putnam County Task Force for Youth is a grassroots effort to work towards the elimination of  substance abuse among Putnam County youth. The Task Froe is composed of concerned individuals  from the county, who are volunteering their time for this efforts. The goal of the Task Force is to  provide prevention awareness activities.

 Volunteer representation of all segments of the community include: Parents, teachers, government  officials, medical professionals, law enforcement, community based organizations, such as Big
 Brothers, Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, commercial business/industries, churches and the media.